Auto Body Parts

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The United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that there are over six million traffic accidents per year in the United States of America.  For this reason alone, the auto body parts market thrives.  Insurance companies write off many damaged vehicles as “totaled;” these automobiles are often towed away to junk yards where certain auto parts are salvaged for resale.  Auto body shop owners and smart consumers know that these salvage yards sell used auto body parts for a fraction of their original price.

The auto detailing industry is a secondary market for interior and exterior car parts.  Rather than trading in a well-running car after a few years, many car owners opt instead to have their cars refurbished.  This often involves careful cleaning of carpets, seating, and other interior surfaces as well as exterior washing and hand-waxing.  It may include replacement of worn carpeting and other interior surfaces as well as repair of dents, dings, and rust spots.  Various auto body parts may be required to complete the detailed refurbishing project.

Auto body repair shops and car dealers are the main customers for auto body products, but many car owners repair and modify their own vehicles as well.  Whether your car has been damaged in an accident or you simply want to customize your automobile, you can find sources for auto body parts throughout the USA on this website.


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