Jewelry Making

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<p>People have adorned themselves with jewelry since the dawn of time.  While the creations of early man may differ in appearance from the creations of modern jewelers, they both have a similar purpose.  Jewelry has been used throughout the ages to express the personal style and individuality of its wearer, as well as a public display of wealth and culture.</p>

<p>Jewelers create jewelry items such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings using materials like wood, metals, leather, beads, and gemstones.  Some jewelers work for jewelry manufacturers or retail operations; others are be self-employed.  While some jewelers work with various materials to create different types of jewelry, others create particular types and styles of jewelry using specific materials.  Some jewelers design their own jewelry; others craft jewelry from the designs of others.  In their craft, jewelers use varied equipment such as welding and soldering tools, cutting and engraving machinery, and microscopes and grading tools.</p>


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