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QuickBooks is an accounting application, and we specialize in hosting it. QuickBooks services from Cloud2support provide fully functional Desktop versions of QuickBooks software in a highly secure multi-user environment. Account, Business Owner, Employees and all users who require access will be working in the same files at the same time. Cloud2support by QuickBooks hosting is a great solution for business that require access from world wild with multiple user full functionality that only the full desktop versions of QuickBooks provide. No more creating “Accountants Copies” or sending files back and forth. QuickBooks hosting services through Cloud2support services offers a reliable accounting solution. You get absolute 24/7 unlimited. Most reliable platform on the market. Up to 3x faster than other solution! Call us toll free +1 855 724 9 650. Whether you are looking to host Pro, Premier, or Enterprise , our QuickBooks Hosting solution deliver the full desktop versions and even most of the 3rd party applications for QuickBooks
• Cloud2support is:-a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider, can provide you a cost effective solution with the customer service, speed, and reliability you expect. Our solutions offer anytime access to your accounting data, from anywhere. QuickBooks Hosting is the ideal solution not only for PC users looking to leverage the Cloud, but for Mac users too!
• Cloud2support is: – can deliver hosted QuickBooks alone or our full virtual office, including MS Office. Add users and new clients with ease as needed, all for a simple low monthly fee.
• Security:-is an important consideration when choosing a hosting provider for your software and data. It is important to remember how much more robust, secure, and redundant Cloud2support’s network is compared to what you can deploy on your own. The magic starts by giving you the ability to leverage the use of an Enterprise HP Blade Server system that is housed in a SAS 50 data center; the cost to duplicate this for simply one business is not financially realistic.
• QuickBooks Benefits:-Moving to the cloud or a QuickBooks Hosting solution may seem complicated and overwhelming. But in reality, the bottom line is simple; we move your QuickBooks software and data from your server to our server in our data center. You access the server and your data on your terms from any computer with an Internet connection. We manage your data security and make sure it is continuously backed up, we update and upgrade your software as needed, and we provide our support desk as a resource you can turn to when you need us.
QuickBooks Hosting Edition:-
• QuickBooks Pro
• QuickBooks Premier
• QuickBooks Premier Contractor
• QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing
• QuickBooks Premier Retail
• QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit
• QuickBooks Premier Professional Services
• QuickBooks Premier Accountant
• QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
• QuickBooks POS 2013
QuickBooks leasing is also available in the United States and Canada to keep your users on the latest edition of QuickBooks each year at half the cost.
Cloud2support InfoTech is an Commercial Host of QuickBooks and will provide your users with anytime anywhere access while handling all of the related IT, Maintenance, Backups and Updates that QuickBooks requires to operate optimally.
QuickBooks Hosting, Revolutionized!
You can access and use your Hosted QuickBooks file via any computer, tablet, or smart phone including Windows, Mac, iPad, Surface, Droids and more as long as your device has internet access. The Cloud2support Infotech QuickBooks hosting environment is always monitored to ensure that servers are secure from external threats and backed up for disaster recovery. Your users will access only the files and applications that you give them permissions for.
For more information about QuickBooks remote hosting services:
Email- sales@cloud2support.com
Call us toll free -Sales : 1888-516-2007(Toll Free)

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