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If you’ve never signed up for a web hosting account before, some of the terms and terminology may be foreign to you. This quick web hosting glossary can help you understand the features offered by various web hosting accounts so that you can make an informed choice about the best hosting company for your needs.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is short for “control panel.” Web hosts offer many options for control panels and dashboards where you can access and manage all aspects of your account. cPanel is a specific open source dashboard solution that is the most widely used and easy to navigate and understand.

Domain Hosting

In order to put up a website on your own URL, you need a web host that provides domain name hosting. Some web hosting companies provide domain hosting for just one domain, while others provide hosting for two, five or even unlimited domains. You’ll need a separate domain registration for each URL on which you want to host a website.

Domain Registration

When you choose a name for your website, you have to register it with a domain registrar. Without an organized system to register domain names, it would be impossible to track who has a right to use a specific domain name on the Internet. Many web hosting companies provide domain registration services for their customers. Some will register one free domain name per account. Domain registration costs anywhere from $5.99 a year to more than $50 per year, depending on the TLD – the letters after the name like .com .net or .org

Internet Radio

Internet radio refers to the technology that allows for the streaming of audio over the Internet. There are more than 10,000 webcasts available online with more being added every day. Many web hosting companies make it easier for you to stream audio for your own webcast with specific software, such as Shoutcast.

Reseller Hosting

Many web hosting companies offer reseller hosting plans which allow you to sell web hosting plans to your own customers. Many popular web hosting companies offer reseller hosting plans, and many website design companies provide web hosting through reseller hosting plans. Essentially, it’s similar to subletting your apartment. You purchase a block of web hosting space from a larger company and sell hosting accounts out of your allotment.

Shared Hosting

The most common type of hosting plan, shared hosting allows hundreds of accounts to be hosted on one computer, or server. Under a shared hosting plan, all customers share the same operating system and draw on a pool of resources that includes hosting space, processor time and bandwidth. Generally, shared hosting is the least expensive type of web hosting. Its biggest disadvantage is that there are no “walls” between separate hosting accounts. If one website is using a lot of resources, it will affect all the other websites hosted on the same server unless like cheap web hosting they use “CloudLinux” technology which ensures all clients have equal resources.


VPS stands for virtual private server. Like shared hosting, VPS allows web hosting companies to host many websites on one physical machine. Unlike shared hosting, however, under VPS hosting, each account has its own separate virtual environment, including separate operating systems. A VPS account limits the effects one account can have on others hosted on the same machine. Checkout some great VPS Deals

Elastic Web Hosting
An alternative to VPS is Elastic Web Hosting All the benefits of a VPS but without the admin chores!

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform on the Internet. Standalone WordPress blogs can be hosted on your own website, giving you total control over the appearance and function of your blog. Many web hosting companies offer WordPress hosting with simple installation and advanced support for WordPress users.

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